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About us

This is an unusual person. A doctor with passion, an understanding person, a ‘mother’ for the neglected and rejected, a generous-hearted woman, a teacher of life. Since she was 10, she has had walking difficulties (due to polio disease), what has not hampered her from taking the decision of leaving Poland and settle in central India. Helena Pyz, as we are talking about her, has been curing lepers in central India, in the Jeevodaya Centre for 23 years now. She cures not only physical wounds, but also those resulting from being rejected by society. Such an idea also lies behind the activities of the Foundation Dawn of Life. To lean over those whose fate is terrible and suffer a lot.

In conformity with the Statute, the aims of the Foundations are:
- protection and promotion of health;
- medical, financial and material help to people affected with leprosy;
- popularization of the idea of work for people affected with leprosy all over the world;
- propagation of information on social and medical aspects of leprosy;
- actions for disabled people;
- supporting medical development in disseminating knowledge on tropical diseases and bringing
medical help;
- charity work;
- promotion and organization of volunteer work;
- propagation of knowledge on the culture of India;
- propagation of knowledge on missionary work;
- education and upbringing;
- actions supporting the development of democracy;
- action for equal rights of women and men;
- promoting physical culture and sport;
- short-term support of humanitarian institutions and projects, especially in the eyes of disasters, cataclysms, armed conflicts and natural disasters.

Fundacja Heleny Pyz - Świt Życia

ul. Młodnicka 34, 04-239 Warszawa

tel. 22 673 02 65  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

KRS 0000404982

NIP 9522117125

REGON 145918470

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