The Foundation Dawn of Life may be supported by purchase of friendly and cosy rag dolls. There are among them such that underwent a knee surgery, as well as outsize dolls, dolls with glasses, with skin alergy, or led by a dog-guide. These are unusual dolls – they help to understand otherness better, to accept  one’s own or the other ‘deficiency’.

The originator and author of the dolls, Marta Pytka, is a teacher working with children with special needs. She works with children with various disorders, and so she knows the problems of children and their families. By means of her rag dolls, she has been trying to teach tolerance and respect to the other person since the child’s youngest age.

The cost of one doll is 40 zł. 20 percent of the profit from the sale will go to the account of the Foundation Helena Pyz – Dawn of Life, bringing joy to the children of Jeevodaya.

We kindly ask you to make orders by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.